Paint, paint, paint…

A few weeks ago Chuck was commissioned to make a holster for a 1911 with a fair amount of complicated painting involved. It isn’t done (there’s more work to do on the holster, and there’s a mag holder as well), but I figured I would give y’all a sneak peek into the first extensively painted holster Chuck has ever made. I’m quite amazed at how it is turning out!


Here is the original photo he is working from.




And here is how the holster is looking so far…




Let us know what you think! 😀

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A peek into the workshop

I’d like to apologize for the gap in posting, as we have been in the process of moving and setting up the new shop. Internet connection and time have been very spotty.

But without further ado, I bring you the SHOP. Where 60% of the magic happens. I would take a picture of the computer (where we sketch, scan, email, and watch movies while he sews), but I’m sure everyone knows what a computer looks like.




And of course, Mama Cat.


The website is in its final stages and we hope to be going live soon. Stay tuned for updates as I’ll be able to post more often now!


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On the Table This Week

It’s the last week of August and we are trying to get everything in place for Chuck’s move SOUTH while still trying to keep up with the insane demand for leather. This is a sampling of projects currently on his table. My favorite is the one for The Math Teacher (bet you can’t guess which one!) and I can’t wait to see it finished.


Another unusual project and a first time request is this drop leg rig with ostrich overlay. This is Chuck’s first time attempting something like this and we are all anxious to see how it will turn out. It is looking great so far!


I will try to post in progress pics here as time allows to keep everyone entertained between the completed projects posted on Facebook.


Also, our WEBSITE should be launching in the not too distant future!



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